Boost Your Fuel Economy and Save at the Pump

Are you tired of watching your hard-earned money go up in smoke every time you fill your gas tank? 

It turns out there are many things you can do to save money on gas costs. You can even save 10 – 40%, depending on how you drive!

At RNS Service in Orrville, OH, we understand that high fuel prices can be a real drain on your finances. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive fuel-efficiency guide, designed to take you on a journey from high gas bills to substantial savings. 


1. Proper Engine Tuning – Save Up to 4% on Fuel Costs

One of the most effective ways to improve fuel economy is by ensuring your engine is tuned correctly. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a well-maintained engine can save you up to 4% on fuel costs. 

If you’re paying $3.50 for a gallon of gas, that saves 14 cents per gallon. Regular engine tuning not only enhances your fuel efficiency but also prolongs the life of your vehicle.

2. Replacing Faulty Oxygen Sensors – A Whopping 40% in Savings

If you have a faulty oxygen sensor in your vehicle, replacing it can lead to remarkable fuel savings. The U.S. Department of Energy suggests that fixing this issue can improve your fuel economy by up to 40%. 

In practical terms, that translates to a substantial $1.40 per gallon saved if you’re filling up at $3.50 per gallon.

3. Maintain Proper Tire Inflation – Save 3% on Fuel Costs

Maintaining the recommended tire pressure in your vehicle is another simple yet effective way to boost your fuel economy. The rule of thumb is that for every 1 PSI drop in tire pressure, you could lose about 0.3% in fuel efficiency. 

By keeping your tires inflated to the proper level, you can save around 11 cents per gallon when gas is priced at $3.50 per gallon.

4. Use the Right Grade of Motor Oil – Save 2% on Fuel Costs

Your vehicle manufacturer recommends a specific weight of motor oil based on your engine’s design. Using the correct motor oil will not only provide the best protection for your engine but can also save you money at the pump. 

The U.S. Department of Energy suggests that using a heavier oil than recommended could cost you up to 2% in reduced fuel economy, which means up to 7 cents per gallon in extra expenses if you’re paying $3.50 per gallon.

5. Adjust Your Driving Habits – Save Over a Dollar per Gallon

Your driving habits also play a significant role in your vehicle’s fuel economy. Avoid aggressive driving, stick to the speed limit, and remove excess weight from your vehicle, also known as “junk in the trunk.” Collectively, these habits can lead to substantial fuel savings, potentially exceeding a dollar per gallon.

Save Money on Gas in Orrville, OH

By following these simple yet effective tips and having your vehicle properly maintained by their expert team, you can save money on gas and put more money back in your pocket. 

Don’t hesitate to contact Jeff or Owen at RNS Service by calling 330.683.6421 for professional advice and assistance with your vehicle’s maintenance needs. Start saving at the pump today and enjoy the benefits of improved fuel efficiency.