Our Story​


RNS Service has been a family-owned business since 1977, when Bob Stoller started the company at 318 S Elm St in Orrville, Ohio. Today, Bob’s grandson, Owen Stoller, runs the business and continues to uphold the family tradition of providing high-quality auto repair services.

Over the years, RNS Service has grown and expanded its offerings. In 1977, the company installed its first Weaver Lift, and in 1979, a second one. In December 1980, RNS added a radiator shop into the existing building, and in November 1981, the company added a muffler shop, a one-bay addition, for custom exhaust.

In 1982, RNS purchased its first wrecker, a 1979 F150 4×4. Jeff Stoller, Bob’s son and Owen’s father, started working full time in 1983, and in February 1985, the company purchased a Sun Interrogator Scope.

In 1986, Jeff became the Parts Manager, and in 1987, RNS purchased its first Apple computer. In October 1989, the company started electronic billing using Napa TRACS, and in October 1991, RNS replaced its wrecker with a 1985 Chevy.

In September 2001, the company replaced its wrecker again, this time with a 1995 Ford F350 4×4. In December 2003, RNS installed a bulk waste oil tank for heating purposes, and in January 2004, the company remodeled its third building and added two truck lifts.

In 2009, RNS started selling tires, and in 2011, the company launched its website, www.rnsservice.com. In January 2012, the company removed its 1979 Weaver Lift and installed a two-post above ground lift, and in May 2012, RNS removed a block wall in the first building and added garage doors for a future remodel.

In 2013, RNS purchased a new Hunter tire mounting machine, and in December 2014, the company finished remodeling its first building with three rotary in-ground lifts. Neil Stoller, Owen’s brother, joined the team in June 2016, and in December 2016, RNS renumbered its shop doors and bays and installed an in-ground rotary lift in bay 1 (the old muffler shop).

RNS Service is proud to have been in business for over four decades, and the company continues to provide excellent auto repair services to its customers. In May 2021, Rustin Stoller joined the team as the Parts Manager, and in February 2022, the company repainted its second building. RNS Service is constantly updating and improving its facilities and services, and in January 2023, the company will remodel its second building, remove two above-ground lifts, and install three in-ground lifts, as well as lengthen the front-end pit.