The Future of Auto Repair: Trends and Innovations to Look Out For

As of June 2023, vehicle repair prices have risen approximately 20% compared to the past year. Higher labor costs and supply chain issues are major culprits. The good news is that automotive innovations and new technologies could reduce costs in the near future.

We’ve compiled a brief guide on some of the most outstanding auto repair trends to look out for. Let’s dive in.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools

The auto technology behind diagnostic tools is quickly improving. This has led to increased efficiency and accuracy. Technicians can address problems quicker than ever, allowing shops to handle increased vehicle volume.

Diagnostic equipment is also becoming more compact. As a result, it’s easier to maneuver and transport.

One of the most notable devices is a portable car lift. This gives technicians much more flexibility.

Sustainable Practices

The modern consumer often researches a company’s sustainability practices before choosing them. This has extended to the automotive industry and will continue to do so.

Auto repair businesses that adopt sustainable practices can set themselves apart from the competition. This helps these companies thrive while minimizing their carbon footprint.

Mobile Repair Services

Not every repair job needs to happen in a shop. More businesses are beginning to offer mobile repair services. As the name implies, technicians will come to your location.

They’ll bring the necessary equipment to diagnose the issue. If possible, they can then make repairs.

Giving customers this level of convenience will soon become the industry standard. There might even come a day when most oil changes occur in the driveway of someone’s home.

A Focus on Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining popularity. Major cities are beginning to install additional charging stations. A larger volume of electric vehicles leads to a larger number of repair issues for EVs.

We can expect to see a shift toward relevant techniques and equipment. Auto shops will be forced to expand their services and expertise.

At first, only a handful of local businesses will have the resources to work on electric cars. Competitors will either catch up or struggle to stay afloat.

Online Scheduling

Online scheduling greatly increases customer convenience. Depending on how busy a shop is, it can be difficult to get someone on the phone. This also comes with the opportunity for human error.

Someone might write down the wrong name or double-book a time slot. Online scheduling allows customers to seamlessly choose a time and date for their vehicle service.

They’ll get a confirmation email with their appointment info after scheduling. Many shops also send reminder emails so people don’t miss their appointments.

Don’t Overlook These Auto Repair Trends

These auto repair trends have the potential to reshape the entire industry. They could even cause you to repair your vehicle less often and for less money. Keep an eye out for them in the coming years so you can take advantage.

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